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Healthy Puppy ScheduleCaring for Your Pet in Hot WeatherBuilding a Dog House |
How to Care for Your DogDisaster Preparations

         Healthy Puppy Schedule  
Two weeks: Deworm
Four weeks: Deworm. Introduce commercial puppy food moistened with water or milk
Six weeks: First puppy vaccination (DHLPPCV) and deworming .....
         Caring for Your Pet in Hot Weather  
Your pets have special needs when the temperature and humidity are high.They can suffer from the same problems that humans do-overheating,dehydration and even sunburn ...
         Building a Dog House  

The house should be wide enough for the dog to turn around and long enough for him to stretch out without any part of his body touching the sides. Remember to consider the dog s growth to adulthood....

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        How to Care for Your Dog  

In order to stay healthy and happy, a dog needs:
· A balanced diet
· Exercise
· Veterinary Care
· Companionship ...

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        Disaster Preparations  

All pet owners should have a kit for their pets, which should include:
·Supply of food for 7 days in an airtight, water proof container

- Drinking water

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