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Pet Sterilization

BHSAS offers vouchers to be used at local veterinary clinics, which entitle pet owners to spray/neuter procedures at a subsidized price. Contributions, membership fees, and support from various organizations, help pay for the procedures. Some restrictions apply

Rabies Clinic

The Department of Public Health Central Region and BHSAS jointly hold annual Free Rabies Vaccination Clinics. Vaccines are donated by the Ministry of Health.

Lost Pets

BHSAS assists pet owners in their search for lost pets by creating and distributing flyers.

"Cheesy", a blind yellow lab was found in a yard in Belize City. The ownerof the property called BHSAS to help the dog. BHSAS put her in theirmain facility, bathed and fed her. After placing a bulletin on thelocal radio station, a relative of the owner in another district heard theinformation and called the owner. Cheesy was reunited with her family afterbeing separated from them for four weeks


Pet owners may call BHSAS if their pet has had puppies or kittens. The Soicety will assist in finding loving homes. BHSAS also tries to place abandoned animals.

Sick or Injured Animal Round-up

Sick, injured and unwanted animals are picked up by BHSAS and taken to shelter for rehabilitation. BHSAS Members then search countrywide for loving homes in which these animals can be placed.

Humane Euthanasia

Sick and injured animals that cannot be rehabilitated are humanely "put down".


BHSAS publishes and distributes brochures and flyers on topics relating to the promotion called "Monkey Business is Bad Business" aimed at helping keep Howler and Spider Monkeys in the bush (jungle) and off city streets. BHSAS has also printed coloring books, workbooks, brochures, and many other various texts on pet care and safety


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