Free Roaming Dogs
The Belize Humane Society and Animal Shelter (BHSAS) was founded in November of 1996 by a small group of concerned Belizeans and two Peace Corps Volunteers. They saw a need for an organization to protect the animals and provide a sheltering facility within the Belize City area.

BHSAS’s focus is to humanely stabilize the “free roaming” population of dogs and cats
within Belize City. The Society works along with the Belize City Council and the Department of Public Helath Central Region to address sanitation and health related issues.
BHSAS recognizes that spaying and neutering (sterilization) is the only humane solution to the stray population problem. Pet owners must be educated and encouraged to sterilize their pets to decrease the number of animals being born.

The Society currently offers subsidized pet sterilization and educates the general public at dog shows, rabies clinics and other events to help achieve its goals.

NGO Status
The Ministry of Human Development, Women and Children, and Civil Society of Belize recognizes the Belize Humane Society & Animal Shelter as a Registered Non-Governmental Organization as of February 21st, 2002. Certificate No. 7/02
Project PAWS
BHSAS and the Kolbe Foundation, at the Belize Central Prison, have joined forces to rehabilitate the body and spirit of many of Belize's street dogs. The program encourages responsibility and nurturing for the rescued dogs at the Belize Central Prison in Ladyville.

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To stabilize Belize City’s free-roaming pet population
To improve the quality of life for the pets and citizens of Belize City
To contribute to a safer and healthier environment
To educate the public on responsible pet care
To provide shelter for unwanted, sick & injured dogs and cats until good homes can be found for them
To provide a facility for the humane euthanizing of sick, injured animals
To establish an Abuse & Neglect Hotline to process and record reported cases
To organize activities and services promoting responsible pet care
To create a humane education program in the Belize City schools
To provide low-cost spaying and neutering for dogs and cats